When I started F3 I was always impressed by people who gave up one of the two days a week they were guaranteed to be able to sleep in to work out and/or to lead the PAX (Father’s Day being the other). I thought I would give it a whirl today on my 36th birthday. The morning seemed a bit cooler than recent mornings, but the thermometer showed otherwise. Twenty-three PAX gathered, the disclaimer were given, and we were off.

Merkins x 36
Good morning x 20
Imperial Walker x 20
Mountain Climber x 20

The Thang:
We moseyed (a word I like more and more as it somehow has come to mean a very slow run) to the bottom of the driveway. In honor of Chippendale (who didn’t bother to post this morning) the next exercise was the mile run to Millbrook and back. Twelve intersections each total (with a couple of duplicates on both sides) and 10 merkins plus 20 plank jacks at each one.

At the T-intersection of Millbrook we waited for everyone to arrive (and by we waited I mean everyone else waited for me). LBCs and low-slow flutters x 20 to allow everyone to catch up.

Same thing on the way back to the bottom of the parking lot. Bob Vila gave a nice assist on the bottom of the lot with some planking exercise while I made sure the 6 wasn’t lonely.

We moseyed (which was as fast as I could run at that point) back up to the tennis courts. Partner up — size and speed don’t matter. Spring the length of tennis court twice to end-line while your partner does LBCs -> Squats -> something I forgot -> something I forgot -> pretzel crunch left leg -> pretzel crunch right leg. VV led a People’s Chair while yours truly finished.

Quick 20 count of WWIIs and then Have a nice day. Timing, for once, worked out well.

Anchortime will NOT convene on Wednesday and will start in full on July 27th

Prayers for our country and for healing.