21 men began the week[1] in style at Ateam. No FNG’s so we were off!



Lap around the Parking loop

20 SSH

20 GMs  [2]

20 Cossak Stretch

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Pike stretches

20 King David Kicks


The Thang

To the Shelter

20 Alternating L/R stepups IC

10 Box Jumps OYO

10 Derkins IC  [3]

10 Derkins, hands moved back 1 hands length, On Q’s Count

10 Derkins, hands moved back another hands length, On Q’s Count [4]

10 count

10 Derkins, in CDD position, on the Q’s Count


To the Basketball Court

BTTW [5]

Australian Mountain Climber

10 count


Hip touches – Only made it to two per side, Q bailed out. [6]


To the Tennis Court (Now the sexy part)

15 Homer to Marge

15 H2M with rocking motion [7]

12 H2M left leg Extended

12 H2M right leg Extended

H2M with Overhead Reach

Cross Leg H2M


To the Hill [8]

Jacobs Ladder (incrementing from 1 to 7)

180 Jump Burpee at the top

Banana Hammer at the bottom (Banana position, up to crunch, one hammer to each side)


Long Mosey over to Mary at the top of the Parking lot

5 Inchworms OYO

15 Tiger Merkins [9]

15 Sir Fazio Leg Circles or maybe called Rosalita can’t make her mind up, or circular Box Cutters



Sasquatch, contact… someone… for the… thing…

Need Q’s

Prayers for health for Jollie Rancher, Kid Rock

Prayers for strength for Chinese Downhill , Kid Rock and his Family

Prayers for harmony and peace in the world



Naked Moleskin

[1] Glad to have Fellow Michigander Kid Rock back in the fold. We wish him a speedy recovery back to health

[2] Burt says, “Now prepare for a bunch of stuff you never heard of!” – If he only knew!

[3] Derkins! Approving Mumblechatter ensues

[4] Mumble  chatter shifts to , “What did someone do to offend your shoulders? Why are you punishing them!”

[5] Improvise if you don’t have ‘em, says Burt

[6] What? You didn’t recite the disclaimer and you tried that!!!

[7] Mostly to be done in the privacy of your own home. Good thing nobody wandered by!

[8] OK, so the Q lied, I guess we are going to be running. 2.3 Miles – Sorry

[9] Kudos to anyone who still had these in them