Thought I would plan more running than I am known for on my first Zero Hour Q.   One minute before I started today’s ZH workout I heard Fungo talking of “Double 11s” done last week at Zero Hour.   Oops….as that is what I planned; having experienced this madness two weeks ago at Country Wide’s Double Wide’s Forge Q.  Fungo properly chastised me for not reading last week’s ZH BB, but in looking for said ZH BB when I got to the office, I can’t find there was one posted.   Either that or I can’t properly find old BB Posts.     Soooo, the ZH guys got to do “Double 11s” again…with a slight change as described below:

Very Short fellowship run to Jaycee Parking Lot beside tennis courts for Warmups:

  • Good Mornings x 15
  • Sir Nigel Octavious Fazio Arm Circles…front and back
  • Windmills x 15

Fellowship Run to bottom of Sonora Street/Chamberlain Street.  From this point running to the stop sign of both Sonora and Chamberlain is uphill, so this is where I planned “Double 11s”, with Box Cutter being the bottom exercise, with top of Chamberlain being 10 Merkins and top of Sonora being 10 Burpees.   Since last week had ZH doing the entire “Double 11s” and it took up the entire workout we did Double 11s until we got to the 6 Count of Merkins/Burpees.  We then moseyed to the picnic tables for “Chong Li Special” which was made up of:

  • Irkins x 10
  • Left Right Step Ups x 10
  • Derkins x 10
  • Squats (good ones) x 10
  • Dips x 10
  • …..we then did one more set of above with 15 counts

Quick walk to Volleyball fields/courts for suicides as follows with your partner staying at the fence in some kind of pose….note Fungo told me this was also last week’s ZH….so I tried to add a twist:

  • First net suicides of Bear Crawl there and back
  • 2nd net Backward run and return
  • 3rd net Karaoke and return
  • 4rth net spring and return
  • Partner did Preacher Chair poses until we swapped.

Next Suicide was same as above except for sprint back on all sets.  Partner held a Balls to the Wallz’ pose till we swapped.

Mosey to the parking area for Mary:

  • 20 LBCs
  • 20 American Hammers



  • My Boy Blue quoted the original Orwell…..”All animals workouts are equal but some animals workouts are more equal than others”.  Now that MBB has quoted famous literature, I am wondering is there anything that he can’t do well?
  • MBB and YHC encouraged any PAX who hasn’t Q’d yet to raise their hand.   TRUST US:  You will view F3 in an even higher manner once you have led a workout.
  • Greenville F3 holding “Sasquatch” July 30.  Sasquatch is similar to Raleigh F3’s “The Mule”.  As Bob Villa will tell you, if you can complete a regular F3 workout you can easily complete “The Mule”; so if you can make the ride to Greenville NC to support Papa Smurf do so.   Might be great idea for the PAX who are already planning to attend to Twitter out so others can ride with time…I think Chong did this already but keep sending these out for the new guys.
  • F3 site Arena is a workout you will love to attend;  Friday’s 2:30pm at Healing Transitions (  ….1251 Goode St, Raleigh )    If you can taxi HT PAX Saturday morning 7am from HT to Ambassador please sign up on the spreadsheet
  • YHC read the below Devotion on “Worry”.   Trust JESUS and even if it takes looking back after you have been through hell….you will indeed see that HE answered your Prayers and was with you the entire time.
  • Mr. Bigglesworth took us out in a strong Prayer to our Lord.
  • Thank you guys for always being there for a PAX who has pulled up lame.  What a BLESSING you are to me!!


Years ago, in the pioneer days of aviation, a pilot was making a flight around the world. After he had been gone for some two hours from his last landing field, he heard a noise in his plane which he recognized as the gnawing of a rat. He realized that while his plane had been on the ground a rat had gotten in. For all he knew the rat could be gnawing through a vital cable or control of the plane. It was a very serious situation. He was both concerned and anxious. At first he did not know what to do. It was two hours back to the landing field from which he had taken off and more than two hours to the next field ahead. Then he remembered that the rat is a rodent. It is not made for the heights; it is made to live on the ground and under the ground. Therefore the pilot began to climb. He went up a thousand feet, then another thousand and another until he was over 20,000 feet up. The gnawing ceased. The rat was dead. He could not survive in the atmosphere of those heights. More than two hours later the pilot brought the plane safely to the next landing field and found the dead rat. Brothers and sisters in Christ, worry is a rodent. It cannot live in the secret place of the Most High. It cannot breathe in the atmosphere made vital by prayer and familiarity with the Scripture. Worry dies when we ascend to the Lord through prayer and His word.