17 gathered in the soupy gloom to be held accountable. No FNGs and we were off.

Warm up
Quick trip around the parking lot to get the blood flowing.
Good Morning x 10
SSH x 20
IW x 15
Mountain Climbers x 10
Plankjax x 10
Merkins x 20
Low plank for two 10 counts
Callahan arriving sometime in the warm up – now we are 18

The Thang
Mozy to the baseball and partner up
Accountability hand release merkins 100 as a team, partner planks while the other does the merks
Partners split up going in opposite directions around the fields
Alt left-right lunge x 10 at each light pole (4 per 180 degrees)
Meet at the other baseball with plank work until all PAX arrive
Merkins x 10 at each flagpole for another 180 degrees
Choice of squat hold at the original baseball or pick up the 6
Repeato with jump knee tucks x 10
LBC’s until all pax arrive
Burpees x 5 for the last 180 degrees
Mozy to soccer field and find your partner
100 accountability standard merkins
Partners split up, opposite directions around field
Lunge walk to corner, run side lines, Lunge walk to goal
Star jumps x 10 at corner, mid, corner
LBCs until all pax arrive
Complete lap of the field with 15 squats at each stop
American hammers until all pax arrive
100 wide grip merkins accountability style

Bear crawl to the center line
Low slow flutter x 16
X’s and O’s
15, 20, 25, 30 counts for X’s
5 counts for the O’s

American Tobacco Trail ruck this weekend for the mildly insane
Sasquatch on July 30 in G’ville NC. Event is to show support for Papa Smurf, who helped plant F3 in that area and has been diagnosed with ALS
Clown car leaving from Cary area. Contact Banjo if you are interested in joining
If you can’t go, you can still show support. Info on twitter

Prayer Concerns
Sky Blue’s M as she nears the end of a journey
Banjo’s sister as she copes with a broken marriage
Blue and Out’s sister Megan in her recovery from surgery
Continued prayers for our brother Chinese Downhill
Grease Monkey’s M and her ongoing battle with a complicated disease
Kid Rock’s health (may have been yesterday but prayers for him nonetheless)
Did I miss one?

Lame NMS
Arrived to hear Ma Bell welcoming back Mr Roboto, who has had some injury issues with his shoulder. YHC panicking because he has 200+ merkins in the plan and relieved to overhear Mr Roboto volunteer that “push ups” are fine. Obviously he has been gone too long, but glad no audible is necessary.

Callahan was late as usual, but he gets a pass for the next 60 days or so, therefore no penalty burpees were ordered.

Kudos to Kid Rock for working his way back into shape at F3 rather than using ailments as an excuse not to post.

Since we have been announcing the ATT ruck for many weeks, YHC was curious what CARPEx participation would be. My Little Pony only one present and insane enough to participate in this CSAUP.

Next Tuesday, when the shovel flag is not present, feel free to remind me that I have it.

Always an honor….