100% Humdity
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7 PAX accepted the challenge of EC (Extra Chores) beforehand.

Good MorningX15
Mountain ClimbersX30
SSHX30 (butchered by YHC…I don’t know how this happens)
Imperial Squat WalkersX15.  I just have to say that this was a sight to see and was a great example of how muscle memory works.  My brain was trying to convince my appendages to do Imperial Squat Walkers, but my legs and arms tried their hardest to complete Imperial Walkers.

Run to the Sanford Creek track, stopping for 20 Derkins and 20 Irkins at the wooden bridge.

The Thang:
I pulled a trick out of Floppy’s playbook and had 6 cones waiting for the PAX; 1 in the center and 5 others that formed the infamous Starburst.

The PAX divided into teams of 3.  Each team started at the center cone and bear crawled out to their respective first cone.  Once there, each PAX performed 30 reps of the stated exercise before lunge walking back to the center.  Once at the center cone, each PAX completed 10 SSH IC, before bear crawling to the next cone.  Here were the exercises:

Cone 1: American HammersX30 (IC)
Cone 2: Prisoner SquatsX30
Cone 3: Star JumpsX30
Cone 4: LBC’sX30 (IC)
Cone 5: Hand Release MerkinsX30

Mosey around the track and line up for the North Cackalacky railroad the length of the track.

Note: Floppy saw an opportunity and evangelized the F3 gospel to a potential FNG who was walking around the track.

Return to the center cone and complete one more round of Starburst with 15 exercises at each cone.

Cone 1: American HammersX15 (IC)
Cone 2: Prisoner SquatsX15
Cone 3: Star JumpsX15
Cone 4: LBC’sX15 (IC)
Cone 5: Hand Release MerkinsX15

Completed during The Thang


Back Pack collection at The Haven House.  See The Dude for more info.  Also if NE Wake wants to join a workout at The Haven House gym on an evening other than Tuesday, then let The Dude know which night would be better.
Agoge at 0530 Mondays at SEBTS
Excalibur at 0545 on Thursdays at Knightdale Station Park
Q’s needed at The Farm the next 2 weeks.  Anonymous has next week covered.
Triathalon coming up.  Contact Casey Kasem for more info (correct me if I am wrong on this one).

Prayer Requests:
Praise for Moonshine securing a job with Wake Co
Pray for those affected by the events in Turkey and France
Pray for Chimichanga’s 2.0, Liam, who is having an upper GI procedure on Wednesday

Bill Nye took us out

Naked Moleskin:
There was nothing fancy here, but I believe this workout provided a good burn to the upper legs (at least my legs were feeling it the next day!).

It was good to see 7 men show up 30 minutes early for Extra Chores and once The Thang went down, all PAX put in some solid work, especially considering the conditions.  That’s #farmstrong gentlemen.