When YHC is running low on ideas the old tried and true string of pearls is the answer.  A brief break in the rain gave us a chance to get a couple of strings completed.

Warm up:  20 side straddle hops, 10 good mornings, 20 mountain climbers, 20 standard merkins

String of pearls: break the half mile track into four sections, run each as fast as possible and at the completion of each quarter lap start doing an exercise.  When the last man arrives, YHC calls out how many more reps of the exercise the group will do.  In other words, the faster you complete the quarter lap the more you get rewarded with extra reps of the exercise.  Completed two laps before the rain with exercises of merkins, freddy mercurys, chill cut plank hold, balls to wall, and a couple others I can’t recall

Over to shelter to get out of the rain.  Round of 6’s with 5 burpees and 1 derkin, 4 & 2, and so on.  Oyo round of box jumps to 20, Three rounds of derkins, dips, irkins with counts of 20,15,10 on each round

A few minutes of Mary and the rain let up enough for one more hot lap around the track

Prayers for Yosef’s interview and a coworker of YHC who was diagnosed with cancer this week.

Howard took us out with a nice prayer.