14 PAX set out on a tour of the Falcon.  We started with a run down to the field and lap around the track.

warm up
SSH x 20

BAC x10

Reverse x 10

IW x 10

WMH x 10

GM x 10

We ran up to the practice field for the upper body portion of the workout.  We started with 20 merkins, karaoke to the corner for 18 merkins, sprint to the far end for 16 merkins, karaoke to the end for 14 merkins, and back to the start for 12.  We kept that going until we finished with 2 merkins.

The PAX then ran to the tennis courts for core.  We started with 20 mountain climbers, bear crawled two courts for 18 MCs, crab walked across the two courts for 16 MCs, bear crawled back for 14 MCs, and kept that going until we were at 2MCs.

To finish, we ran to the track, performed a fun jump squat pyramid, sprints, dips, and finished with one set of LBCs.  Welcome to our FNG Tea Party