8 strong and enthusiastic PAX (hence the Yabba Dabo Doo!) were on hand today at Juggernaut…

Warmup:  SSH x20, GM x10 & Imperial Walker x 20


Mosey to baseball field- partnered up to do 100 Merkins & 200 Jump Squats total (between partners)– one doing exercises while the other ran to right field fence, back to first base, side shuffle to 2nd and 3rd base then backpeddle home.

Mosey to BIG hill between baseball fields-  kept partners same- 4 trips each up & down hill while other did LBCs (first 2 trips) then planks (second 2 trips).  Balls to walls- everyone.  Then one final trip up & down hill while other stayed with balls to walls.

Indian Run to Rock Pile-  20 Rock Curls, 20 Rock Overhead Presses, 20 Rock Tricep extensions then 10 merkins followed by 15 rock curls, 15 rock overhead presses & 20 rock tricep ext

Mosey to Big Field-  4 Corners:  first 3 stations had exercises (20 star jumps, 10 burpees, 25 mountain climbers) & 4th station bear crawl to station 1.

Mosey to Picnic Table area:  15 bench dips, 15 diamond urkins, 10 diamond durkins, chair hold

Mary:  Each PAX led an exercise (LBCs, WWII situps, boxcutters, 6 inch hold, Freddy Mercuries, American hammers, Homer to Mars & The Nippler)

Announcements:  3rd F event on 5/17 at 5 pm

Prayers:  Family and friends of Brad Grady, who died at a recent Y guides trip.

Pothole took us out.  Thanks guys!!