21 one strong showed this morning at Late Night. Great to see some old and new faces. I think we got after it pretty good for a Friday.

Warm -up

Circle up in the small parking lot by the school.

SSHx25, GMx25, Merkins X31

Line up for Indian run down to Kiwanis Park. The PAX were setting a hell of a pace on the IR. They didn’t quite have the same giddy up on the way back.


Grab a table/ bench over at the shelter at Kiwanis Park.

Dips 1×20, 1X20, 1×15

Irkins 1×20, 1×20, 1×15

LR Step UP 1×20, 1×20, 1×12

Derkins 1×20, 1×20, 1×15

Planned to go to the soccer field but it was locked up so we moved over to the baseball field. Partner Up-

Plank work while recovering.

Group 1 stays at right field pole and does exercise group 2 runs to left field foul pole and back

Round 1- jump squats, Round 2- balls to the wall, round 3 – spider man merkins, round 4 – scorpion hops, round 5 scorpion hops.

All PAX on the fence for 20 count balls to the wall.

Indian Run back to Lourdes. We stopped about half way 1X10 merkins, 1×15 Homer to Marge AKA Fudd to LM

Seems like most PAX felt we were done but we had a couple minutes. Partner up for a Larry David Special. Wheelbarrow/Hand walks up the Lourdes stairs. Flip flop half way up. Bring it home back to the parking lot.

Mary – 35 LBCs


Announcements- Arena this afternoon 4/22 at Healing Transitions. Rain or shine. Neighbor to Neighbor flag football tournament at Halifax park April 30- see yoda for more details. Apparently Fudd throws the rock like Johhny Manziel.

Prayers – Cheney’s in laws lost their home in a fire. I have a friend going through a tough diagnosis of an illness, Fudd’s family and all those unspoken.


I really enjoyed today. It is always impressive to me to see the quality of men that F3 draws. I often don’t get to see a lot of good things in my profession but this group inspires me. I hope that we all realize how much we can help in our community. I hope we also realize how much we can help each other and push ourselves in that aspect of our lives also.