YHC was eager to try something new at The Blitz this am; variety keeps the pax coming back. Warmer weather and some twitter banter brought out 17 hardened souls for this weeks edition. The #mumblechatter began with a college trademark discussion, then lowered to quality of curriculum, then descended even further to the classic mockery of the struggle that is counting

The Thang..

Down to the track
25 x SSH
20 x Good Morning
20 x figure 8
400m warmup

30 seconds on – 15 seconds off / Repeat 6 times for each exercise / 400m after each set of 6

Exercises were..
-2 Handed Swing
-Bent rows
-1 handed squat press / alternating b/w right and left
-Alternate every 30 seconds b/w Hammers with Bell and flutter kicks with bell above head
-1 Handed Swing

Mosey back to the cars, no time for anything else


MudRun- Bus sign up, Give your Team name if you haven’t; Thanks to Duff an Zima for putting this together
Blue Ridge Relay- Talk to YHC if interested, time to commit is now
GoRuck Custom – coming in October, talk to Kanye

-This set was brutal, YHC didn’t know what he put together but each of the pax admittedly founds some demons this morning
-Chivalry was at its finest as we shared the tracks with the non-male squatters who keep coming back despite the view every wednesday morning
-Cinderella, the lone ram from what YHC could tell, defended his alma mater’s honor against a pack of wolves / The guy was also ruckless for the first time 2012, #unimpressive; Good luck in the Heavy this weekend
-Flatline has made consecutive posts at The Blitz, don’t call it a comeback
-Couple of first timers at The Blitz which is always nice to see.

Always an honor to lead,