9 Pax stepped into the gloom for some heavy metal this morning.  No rest in between the work and a burst of grumbling from Wendell Gee right out of the gate.  Way to set the tone.

warm up – SSH x 25, Fazio Arm Circles – 15 each way, World’s Greatest Stretch (ask Box Jump).

The Thang:

9 stations:  20 seconds on, 10 seconds off (5 rounds)

1. heavy bar – standing 45 degree press

2. medicine ball slam

3. curls

4. hill run

5. goblet squats

6.  tricep extensions

7. burpees

8. bent over rows

9. biceps

— after each complete station we recovered with 30 LBC’c and then right back into the new station.

***As a side note, it has to be mentioned that Chong-Li did 8 rounds of burpees before YHC realized that time would be short and cut it to 5 rounds.  T-claps to Chong-Li for the man up.

Ended without a second to spare.  COT ensued with Mud Run update.  prayers for a struggling couple going through a tough time.  Box Jump led the prayer out.