YHC was sitting here working on some sunflower seeds (stay away from the chaw, kids – #DAREmoment) around noon when the call in from the dugout.  When KD is on the other end of the line looking for a reliever, there is only one answer.  Went straight to the bullpen bump to start warming up.  All I could picture was our good brother Mr. the King staring at me like Cleveland Indians’ manager Lou Brown in “Major League” and uttering the classic line above. Hope I did you proud, skip.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Stone Circle for quick warm-up:  SSH’s, Good Mornings, Plank Jacks, IW’s

Head up to the field for some Low Plank Sprints:

  • start in low plank hold, sprint full length of the field, plank at finish, then do exercise – repeat
  • 6 sets of sprints w/following exercises:  standard merkins, wide-grip merkins, Chillcutts, prisoner squats, diamond merkins, high plank

Recover on the run down to the picnic shelter for Bear-Leg Left:

  • bear crawl from shelter to first stone wall at the Stone Circle, do exercise at first stone wall and at second stone wall, then bear crawl up grassy hill to the sidewalk – repeat
  • first set:  derkins x 10, irkins x 10
  • second set: diamond irkins x 10, jump-ups x 10, add 10 burpees at the top (courtesy of Au Pair’s incessant #mumblechatter)

Head into the shelter for quick set of single leg squats right x 10, dips x 15, single leg squats left x 10, dips x 15

Run over to the tennis courts for some suicide potpourri:

  • first set:  standard 4-line suicide, then balls to wall
  • second set:  4-line suicide with forward run out & backward run to start on each leg, then balls to wall
  • third set:  alternate bear, gorilla, bear, gorilla across courts and back, then people’s chair
  • fourth set:  crabwalk to end of second court, 10 merkins, crabwalk back to start, then people’s chair
  • fifth set:  standard 4-line suicide followed by plank set

Head over to the field for 3 MOM:

  • Heels to heaven x 25, Reverse LBC’s x 25, alternate Boat/Canoe for five counts each around the horn

COT:  Enron with the strong close #Rivera

Quote of the Day:  “True humility is not thinking less of yourself. It is thinking of yourself less.” – C.S. Lewis


  • Strong work by the pax on a balmy morning. Great to see Munson brave the mist-dampened streets to join us. Must be a new set of Michelins on the Britt family truckster.
  • Au Pair was there. Chong was not.  #WinSomeLoseSome
  • Minnie is, in fact, alive.
  • Prayers continue for Cotton’s cousin, Low Pair, Hush Puppy’s family, Orwell’s return

As always, an honor and a pleasure.