14 Pax members stepped into the gloom for a non-rainy Monday work-out. Let’s see what they did:

The Thang:

Fast mosey up the hill.


Run down the hill to the start of the three station beatdown:

Station #1 – 10 hand release merkins; Station #2 – Burpees; Station #3 – LBCs – 31 exercises #history #undefeated

Run the course up and back three times. #burner

Mosey to the pavilion.

Incline Merkins, Dips, Alt L/R Step-up, Low Slow Flutter, Alt L/R Step-up, Dips, Box Jumps

Indian Run to the basketball court.

Partner up for sets:

#1 – Suicide and people’s chair. #snipergotburt
#2 – Suicide and balls to the wall.
#3 – Karaoke Right
#4 – Karaoke Left
#5 – Bear crawl down/sprint back
#6 – Burpee Broadjump down/sprint back
#7 – Tiger Rag down/sprint back

Mosey to start

Mary – Knee up, L/R obliques.


Naked Moleskin:

– YHC wore a schmedium long-sleeve tee and caught a bit of lip. This week is schmedium week in F3 Raleigh to start losing that winter coat to get ready for the Mud Run. #superbowl
– Speaking of questionable attire, Surcharge took a month off and then posted in a mock tee. Was everything else dirty?
– Grease Monkey shows up five minutes late to the work-out. #clockwork
– Large Mouth was flying on the suicides. He is definitely catching his F3 stride.
– Bartman came back for another round of A-Team. Hope you make it apart of your routine.
– McCant’s and 75% bagged the work-out this AM. Too much hot food and riding over train tracks the night. #babytime
– Franklin is a salty Vandy fan. #stallings


– Sign up for GoRuck in October and BRR in September. #CSUP


– Praying for Goose’s family as they celebrate the life of Goose’s father and McCant’s new addition.

Grease took us out.

Always an honor to start with week with the men of A-Team. See you next week.