Six Pax ventured out on a cool Friday morning for the latest installment of the Wolf Run.  For once, the Pax was outnumbered by the deer.  Floppy gunned the Mustang to encourage one flock to leave the confines of the Oval Drive median and head for safer pastures.  This proved effective.  After checking the old meet up spot for stragglers, we headed out.


Warm Up

  • SSH x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 25
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles x8 forward; x10 reverse
  • IW x 20

Jog to the first equipment station for:

  • Group One – 10 pull ups
  • Group Two – 20 decline merkins
  • Group Three – 20 dips

Rotate, rinse and repeat.

Jog to the soccer field for:

  • Wind sprint the length of the field
  • Bear crawl from the end line to the penalty box line
  • Crab walk to midfield
  • Merkins x 10
  • Wind sprint to the opposite end line
  • Rise and repeat substituting squats x30 for merkins

Jog to the second equipment station for:

  • Jump ups x 20
  • Dips x 20

Jog to (and up) Lake Raleigh Hill.  Five burpees at the top in lieu of Jacob’s Ladder.

Jog to the Oval field for 6 Minutes of Mary, dealer’s choice:

  • WWII sit ups (Hat Tag)
  • Lil’ Floppy Crunches (you can guess that one)
  • Freddy Mercury (Marley)
  • Russian Hammers (Friar Tuck)
  • Rosalita (Costco)
  • Two minute (or so) plank series – high, Putin, Sarkozy, Chilcutt, high (Lamp)

Jog back to the parking lot for COT.


  • Tclaps and happy 50th to Floppy Disk!  Despite having the day off work, rather than fartsack he rolled out for Wolf Run and, as usual, was leading the way.  YHC tested the shoulder today and it came through with flying colors.  From now on at COT you get to hear “Floppy Disk, 50.”  I think the appropriate response is “Respect.”
  • Speaking of Flops, come join him tomorrow for a Pullen Park beat down.  Gloves strongly encouraged.
  • 9/11 tribute next Wednesday at Moore Square for lots of stairs.  That’s the only workout, so don’t go hang out at JC Penney before dawn.
  • Best wishes for the BRR contingent.  Make F3 Raleigh proud gentlemen.
  • A great closing prayer by Friar Tuck today.  He should consider making that a career.