We had a barn burner at Heavy Metal on Thursday morning. Circle of Pain (and White Shoe) (and the Rope) returned.  22 Pax (a little train station traffic that morning, i.e., coming and going)

The Thang:

Warm Up led by everyone’s favorite Child Care expert: Run’round the Park; Sir Nigel Fazio IX, Lord of the Manor, Arm Circles; IMperial Walkers

Circle of Pain:

Pax 1 does 5 Burpees; Pax 2 does the equipment reps; flapjack; 2 Minutes; rotate clockwise

Orange Sled with 45 LBs Plate

Scotty Bobs

Scotty Bobs

Sears Bar Dead Lift

Oly Bar Curtis P-ish complex (lunge air squat combination)

Rope Climb

Medicine Ball Mericans

Kettle Bell DCPs

Mama Junk Tire Beatdown with Maul and Sledge with 3 Jump Ups interspersed

Kettle Bell Swings

Mary: Dollys; AOCs; Rosalitas; Russian Hammers


Notes form a Dried Out Creek Bed:

  • Cinderella Never Disappoints.  It’s a given that Cinderella is a man-deer, so nothing out there that morning troubled him.  This gave him time to take us down the rabbit hole with another episode of VH1’s “Disney Characters: Behind the Music”.  Suffice to say that–at some point in the history of the Republic (and in the lifetime of Cinderella) Mickey, Minnie and Goofy were actually at Western Sizzler in Orlando and actually criticized Tigger to Tigger’s face for being “too sensitive.”  There may have been laughing (at not with) involved.  True Story.  Long time Heavy Metal listeners will recall the episode where the County Healthy Department in Orlando nearly seized Rapunzel’s wig for lack of hygiene.
  • The Howard Abides.  Nice to see the All American Howard present and accounted for in the 27608 once again.  We’ve missed him (and a massive amount of others of course) at Ball Bearings, but Lo! and Behold, our man Howard still trekked right up to Roanoke in a new car, no less.  Tclaps.
  • MC Cinnamon Spinning It All the Way to Texas.  We’re now into Week 4 of a 12 Week Going Away Party for MC Cinnamon, who eventually will be taking his spinning talents to Austin Texas.  He will also be taking his sweet board shorts, which, it was revealed on Thursday, are the sole survivors of the sports gear packing process.  F3 Rules disqualify Cinderella from making fun of said shorts, given that Cinderella appears to have knocked over a Wings at Myrtle, taking only sleeveless, techno fabric mannish shirts.  He believes in the right to bare arms, brothers.
  • Credit Where Due in Bestowing Names: “Need for Speed” High Fives to whoever named iArgghhh!  That.  Is.  Awesome.  High five to the Pax on Thursday who named FNG Wild Animal Trapper “Brian Fellows.”  Yes, brothers, we are all indeed “Brian Fellows.”
  • White Shoes’ Silly Socks.  Taking the Degree of Ridiculous to a Mary Lou Retton caliber 3.7, 4 Months later, White Shoe has some sort of color combo socks that make him look like a reserve for FC Barcelona’s practice squad.  Leads to a question:  did his absence from F3 Raleigh leave him to fill his time surfing Amazon for fresh debut socks?  Knowing White Shoe, I am betting he put a lot of time into selecting those socks.  #Just saying.
  • Naming Controversy Day 12, “F3 Held Hostage”: Finally, brotherhood should be aware of some alleged procedural defects in the naming of one “8 Mile” two weeks ago at Ball Bearings.  As the allegation goes, the name was not picked at COT but was instead assigned before a workout.  If true, the allegation would be problematic.  However, convening authority is investigating whether any procedural defect was cured by vote of the assembled Pax on the date in question.  Friends will recall Pax by vote assembled previously departing from Rules when name forgotten early in life of F3 for a particular Pax (Mercy not extended to Jennie).  Either way, no one knows the source of 8 Mile.  YHC is telling everyone that FNG Walt Tippett is the scion of the Detroit Tippetts.