FriarTuck & RobinHood


A cool fall Saturday morning beckoned the Pax to another installment of the Catalyst, with YHC at the helm. Some of our brethren were emptying themselves out in the western hills to complete the Blue Ridge Relay. So, back in the flatter territory, we had to post in a manner worthy of their efforts.

About 2/3 of the way into our merry band’s Saturday excursion, some among the Pax began to query, “Was Friar Tuck with the good guys, or was he one of the bad guys?

Some Background (courtesy of Ye Olde www):

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood “In some tales, he is depicted as a physically fit man and skilled swordsman and archer with a hot-headed temper. However, most commonly, Tuck is depicted as a fat, bald and jovial monk with a great love of ale, though the two are not mutually exclusive. Sometimes the latter depiction of Tuck is the comic relief of the tale.”

Preferring the former characterization, your own F3Raleigh Friar sought to deliver a hot-headed goblet of merriment, though certainly in jovial fashion! If only swordplay and archery could’ve been part of the fun…

The Thang

> Warm-up

Run downhill on Rowan, Mericans x20

Run uphill on Rowan to the parking lot:

SSH x20 / Good Mornings x20 / Windmills x20 / Mericans x20


Recover Run to the Stadium Access Ramp

> Access Ramp Railing

Railing Pull-ups x20 / Squats x20 / Irkins x20 / Lunges x20/ Dirkins x20

(repeato x3)


Move to Rock Garden

> Rock Garden

Mogul Side Hops x15 / Curls x20 / Mogul Front Hops x15/ Triceps x20 / 1-foot Mogul Square Hops x10ish / Shoulder Press x20 / 1-foot Mogul Square Hops x10ish



Recover Run to the Slopes of the Carroll Stadium with the sun shining strong on us

> Slope Runs (2 Groups)

Group 1: Run Up the Slope and Down > 5 Mericans  / Group 2: Squats

Then flapjack

Group 1: Bear Crawl Up, Backward Bear Crawl Down > 5 burpees / Group 2: Lunges

Then flapjack

(repeato x4)


Recover Run to the Stadium Stairway

> Stairway to Heaven

Up first flight > Mini Jump Ups x10

Up 2nd flight > Mini Step Ups x10

Up to Top > 5 Burpees

(repeato x3 – it’s a biblical number)

Move to Walls

> Walls

Peoples Chair x20

Balls to the Wall x20

Peoples Chair x20

Balls with Shoulder Taps x15


Recover Run to Mary

> Mary

Windshield Wipers x30 / Heels to Heaven x30 / Russian Hammers x30


YHC spoke to the fact that in Genesis, God makes us in his image. That means we have immense value to him. We matter to him. Therefore, it has been said, “You have never locked eyes with anyone who doesn’t matter to God.” A good reminder that every man who shows up at F3 matters to God. And every person you meet today matters to him. Your sons and daughters, your wives, everyone you come across, they matter to God.

Orwell took us out in prayer.


Naked Moleskin:

-Big T-claps to the men completing the BRR. Rest well today, gentlemen. Thanks for representing F3Raleigh. Look forward to hearing legendary recounts.

-September 11th Stair Climb, 6am start. No other Raleigh workouts on Wednesday, starting at Moore Square. See Gnobby’s pre-blast for further intel.

-The MULE returns on October 5th! Launch time at 6am from Pullen Park, estimated end time: 10am.