It was a great morning at the Danger Zone.

We went to the Danger Zone…Right into the Danger Zone. After a little warm up we launched right into six full minutes of Mary.

WWII X 41, LBC X 36, FM x 20. Rosalita x 15, Dolly x 15, HSF x 25

Paint the lines down the parking lot to the¬†shelter, move the benches shoulder width apart for a round of …

Hanging Merkins!!!

all merkins performed with hands on opposing benches, feet as well.

Standard x 15, incline x 15, offset (one hand on table, other on bench) x 10 (switch sides x 10 more.

25 SSH for cardio

Repeato all hanging merkins x 3 with some low hanging plank holds thrown in for good measure.

Next we performed a mini relay in honor of our BRR brethren. decline plank, plank, and Chilcutt were called out. each PAX ran around shelter three times. Here’s to you CSAUP mountain runners!

Run to the courts for some more fun. People’s Chair, followed by a dawn patrol inspired two court suicide run. (yes, two full basketball courts worth.) more people’s chair, lunge walk suicides to third line. More people’s chair. reverse suicides starting at the far end.

Paint the lines back up to the top of the lot.


It was a good workout, though done in reverse. Ending with suicides after starting with Mary makes for a good time.

No more coffee converts. That mess in rancid.

HH Next Thursday, World of Beer 7:30

9/11 Memorial Stair Climb Wednesday 6:00am. No other workouts.

Prayers for the men running the relay. God protects even the CSAUP.