17 brave men escaped the fartsack to post at Flood Zone in treacherous winter conditions. As FZ has so many wonderful characteristics, YHC arrived to scout out the AO and found the plows missed the top parking deck…

Extra Credit:
Brisk run to far staircase.
Sprint up and gather for three rounds of…
10 burpees OYO
bear crawl down stairs to 2nd floor landing; 10 merkins
bear crawl down to main level; 10 burpees.

Warm up:

Brisk run to second floor, up parking ramp.
Mountain climbers x20
Standard Merkin x20
Burpee x10 OYO
Imperial Walkers x20

The Thang:

Up to the third floor staircase, closest to Panera.

Partner up, size does not matter.
P1- Bear crawl down staircase, 5 burpees at first landing, 5 burpees at bottom, bear crawl back up.
P2- AMRAP mountain climbers / LBC’s

Mosey to far side of deck-
Line Painters (12 spots)
#1- Burpee
#2- Deep Squat

Back to staircase.
P1- Bear crawl down staircase, 5 burpees at first landing, 5 burpees at bottom, sprint up.
P2- AMRAP Merkins, Irkins, Rosalitas

Mosey to main level for Mary.

Homer to Marge x25
Boxcutters x20
Hammers, double time, x35


Halfway through the bear crawls downstairs, YHC realized how steep those stairs really were. As we were limited in distance ability due to ice and snow, all PAX worked hard to burnout their upper body. Aye!!

-GORUCK in October. See Kanye or myself for details and to get on “the list.”
-3 years of F3 next Saturday, March 7th. 6:00 for the original F3 workout, 6:45 for the Saturday workout
-Mud Run… sign up.

Yo-yo took us out with a strong prayer.

This post was special for YHC. Exactly a year ago, to the date and location, I posted for the first time. In the last year, F3 has changed my life. Thank you to all the PAX who have pushed, motivated and supported me over the last year. #ISI