PAX of 13 strong for a beautiful morning at the art museum. A little ice and frozen tundra would not keep these men away. No FNGs…. just a late Mr. Furley who found us out in the gloom. #committed


Short jog over to the parking lot

Burpees x 10 OYO

Merkins x 20

SSH x 30

Mtn climbers x 20, IW x 20

This would be the count all morning – 10-20-30-40 – at each stop… never repeating an exercise

The Thang

Run lot 1 (man that Enron and Grease Monkey can sprint) – single leg burpees x 10

run lot 2 – wide arm merkin x 20

run lot 3 – Prisoner squats x 30

run lot 4 – American hammer x 40

Plank – Sarkozy/leg- Putin/leg – Plank

YHC noted there are some serious runners in this group (Huxtable, My Boy Blue, Enron)… of which I was not one.

Run down to the lake and partner up

Partner 1 goes in one direction, partner 2 in the other until they meet. Do this 4 x and perform the following exercise each time they meet

Double merkin burpees x 10

partnter dirkins x 20

sumo jump squats x 30

LbC x 40

Plank – sarkozy/leg – putin/leg – chilcut – plank

head over to the Dojo. YHC felt some pain here last week with Yo-Yo and thought it would be appropriate to share this week #blamehim

Box jump burpees x 10

irkins x 20

Box jumps x 30

Donkey kicks x 40

Head out down the hill, through the woods, over the frozen tundra to the base of BFH.

8-point man makers x 10 at the bottom

run hill

single leg merkin x 20

lunges x 30

run down hill

parker peter x 40

Plank – sarkozy/leg – putin/leg – chilcut/leg – low plank/leg – plank

Run back to the trail, up the hill and to the person laying on their side??

bear crawl to sign, prison cell merkin burpee x 10

run to next sign, carolina dry docks x 20

run back down, monkey humpers x 30

bear crawl to starting point, crunchy frogs x 40

run back to the parking lot.


My Boy Blue (nice job and thanks!) lead the PAX until everyone was in

LBCx x 50

Heals to heaven x 20


STRONG work by everyone today. 3.25 miles, 70 burpees, 140+ merkins, 210 legs, 280 abs + Mary.

AnnouncementsConvergence next week 3/7. No other Saturday workouts. New Monday workout at East Gate Park – East bound and down – starting 3/9 at 5:30am. See Blue Crush for details. Whiplash will move to 90 minutes starting 3/14 i(for 4 weeks) n prep for Mud Run. In the words of Maize, “This will be hard. High miles, high reps.” Led by Maize, Denali, Chong-Li, Yo-Yo. Up your training and do this to prep for the mud run. If not attending mud run, up your game for Spring and come out. Who’s up for the challenge?

Prayer requests: Keep Particle and his family in your prayers and Mr. Furley’s mother-in-law. Battling health issues. Pray for healing, strength and the recovery for them and those supporting them.

Beaver took us out.

Thanks to Maize for asking me to Q. Never would i have thought i could do this 6 months ago. Great sight and great group of regulars. Step up your game and get out to Whiplash. It won’t be fun, it won’t be easy, but you will be better and you will be glad you did (afterwards of course).