The snow started somewhere between warm ups and the first full circuit of arm work on the playground.  Seven brave PAX were undeterred.

The first circuit consisted of 15 cadence-count repetitions of merkins, swing-set rows, and cinder-block clean-and-jerks.  The second consisted of 12 cadence-count Carolina dry docks, 12 cadence-count dips, and 8 pull-ups.  PAX had to dead hang for a two-count between pull-ups, adding somewhat to the degree of difficulty.  We plunged right into a second repetition of each circuit, at a cadence count of 12 for both, before moseying back to the fields throw the snow.

We switched to legs at the fields, lunging across the field and bunny-hopping back.  The cold then froze YHC’s iPhone, and Two-Ply stepped in with a stopwatch for one minute of line work, then two minutes of max squats.  In preparation for next week’s Army PFT next week, we then did two minutes of max merkins and two minutes of max sit-ups.  A few rounds of Mary in the snow (Russian hammers, Freddie Mercuries, and Plank-O-Rama) rounded out the workout.

Moleskin: Two-Ply shared good news that he and Sawyer are starting a new Durham post at Jordan High School on Friday mornings at 5:30.  He will send out a note when they are ready to raise the curtain.  Was sorry that I didn’t post a backblast of a glorious two-person workout with Draper on 2/10—or the famous “Double PBR” workout with a SC PBR on 2/3.  Winter Storm Remus (what a name!) will soon make snow posts seem old hat, but it was pretty fun this morning.  Don’t forget the PFT next week at the Vortex.

Posted on behalf of Assisi