YHC arrives at AO with seconds to spare only to be reminded, the Q is never late. With 7 pax waiting and no fng’s we were off.

The Thang:

As always YHC had to think of what to do, jog into the park bank a hard left for some table climbing in route to a lap around the lake to a warm-up circle.

Good Mornings x 20, Windmills x 15, SSH x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20

Head up the stairs by the carousel around to the first shelter for some pull-ups x 5,4,3,2,1.  Back to the jog up and across the tracks for a little different scenery for the Forge.  Grab a rock and head down the concrete bleachers to the baseball field.  Circle up around the pitchers mound for curls x 12, overhead presses x 12, & bent rows x 12.  Drop your rocks and head tot he backstop for Peoples Chair x 10 count through the pax, sprint to the outfield fence for BTW x 5 count through pax.  Back to the infield for more Peoples Chair.  Back to the mound for more rock work.

To the bleachers for Labron’s & squats then dips back at the bottom, and repeat x 3, add some Bulgarian Rock Squats to the mix, then head back to put the rocks away.

R&R back across the tracks for Merican Pyramid to 6 & back, and LBC Pyramid to 30 by 5’s and back.

R&R back to the stone circle for Mary, Hammers x 15, Homer to Marge x 15, 6 inches x 10 count through, Done!

COT: Que snow, YHC discussed Romans 13:1, reminding pax that all authority has been instituted by God & that being obedient, especially to that authority that seems trivial sometimes can be a means of witnessing our faith to others.  Show the Love of Christ!

Prayer request for Hush Puppy’s dad for healing, great to have HP back in the circle.  Pergo took us out with a strong word to the Lord Of All Creation!

The Skin:

YHC had snow for the 2nd time this season appear for COT in the Stone Circle, memories of Pullen from childhood combined with snow made it kind of a magical moment for YHC.  YHC’s pace lacked a little intensity, apologizes were made for that.  Always grateful to lead!