I’m nearing the end of reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with my daughter, and they are in the midst of O.W.L.S., the exams for the 5th years. YHC awoke with a start (although I had no burning scar) at 4:55, having just dreamt that the entire Blitz workout was an exam that I failed miserably. Undeterred, I ventured into the gloom wanting to experiment with a few new things. Fortunately, the PAX were game, even though the execution wasn’t always smooth. Plank walking along icy rails is not recommended. I don’t think I achieved an “outstanding” result on my exam, but I’m pretty sure I passed.


  • Sea Turtles X 10
  • Figure 8s X 20
  • Hindu Merkins X 10
  • KB Good Mornings X 10
  • Snatch X 10
  • One-legged deadlift X 20
  • One-armed chest press X 40 (20 per arm)

The Thang:

Mosey to the Wall/Stairs area &partner up for…

  • AMRAP Hot Potato Squats / Backwards BC down stairs + BC back up
  • AMRAP Alternating Lunges / Jog down railing + up stairs
  • AMRAP 2-Handed Swings / Plank walk railing + jog stairs (PAX gave the plank walk a good collegiate try, but conditions were not ripe)
  • AMRAP Renegade Rows and/or Bent Over Rows / Jog down railing + BC up stairs

Mosey to the track for a Farmer’s Walk Relay…

  • Partner 1 sprints straightaway, then AMRAP burpees while waiting for partner 2.
  • Partner 2 does farmer’s walk w/2 KBs
  • Flapjack on Curves and 2nd straightaway
  • Complete 1 lap

KB Plank Crawl from track to bball court

Mosey back up stairs to the Wall for Mary


  • Alternating 1-armed swing X 20
  • Half get-ups X 16
  • Slow burn curls X 10
  • Burnout crunches AMRAP


  • YHC read a short devotion on health, wholeness, and holiness, and how we need Jesus’ healing ministry to bring wholeness to our human lives
  • We prayed for Low Pair, Hush Puppy, Yukon Cornelius, and Chili Dog, and praised the opportunity Orwell has in an upcoming trip to Shanghai. Orwell led us out in humble prayer.