2/25/2015, at Crabtree

Having grown up in Ohio, YHC misses the beauty of snowfall and crisp air in my lungs so yesterday’s weather and even the shoveling gave me joy and led me to look forward to a vigorous workout this morning.
My 5 F3 brethren did not disappoint, bearing with some indecision and questionable experimentation (e.g. we need some practice on leap-frogging!).
I worked up a good sweat on a cold day; I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did!
A special welcome to Fort Mill’s Maximus, who’s working in Cary this week, glad you could join us.
Thanks, gentlemen!

The thang:

SSH x 50
Alabama Ass-kickers x 30
Windmills x 20
Fazio arm circles x 20
other direction x20

Kick it to a curb for
Quick feet x 30

Jog to ramp
Bear Crawl up
OYO lunge-jumps

Carioke to base of next ramp
Partner carry to top, return to bottom and flapjack
OYO prisoner squats

Back to bottom of ramp
leap-frog to top of ramp
15 4-count standard Merkins

Back down ramp
From one end of deck to other, burpees, touching ceiling to complete each rep
Plank-o-rama led by MacGruber

Still have time left? oops!
Jog to different ramp, alternate sprint and jog
Down stairs back to base of first ramp

Repeat bear crawl, carioke, partner carry

American Hammer x 50
LBC x 50
Low, slow flutter x 25