A hearty crew of 18 PAX decided to brave the chill and imminent snow to reacquaint themselves with the midtown oasis of Shelley Lake Park.  Pre-Q mumblechatter focused on when the snow was to hit… and in the words of Sean Connery on SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy, “LE TITS NOW”!  After disclaimer, we were off.


Warm Up

Fast mosey up sidewalk and across dam (“lake vista”) … bear crawl down hill to the field


Good mornins X15

Imperial walker X15

Standard werkins X20 (in cadence)

Mountain climbers x20


The Thang

Mosey over to the spillway to “revisit” the dam, partner up, grab one rock per team

Partner 1 — bear crawl to top of dam > 5 burpees > run back down

Partner 2 — rock exercise (curl > press > bent over row)  …. Flapjack


Once every team finished, we ran back to the top of the dam for ol’ time’s sake, and began a brisk pace around the east side of lake.

Bear crawl across first long bridge … resume pace

Line up on second bridge, 20 irkins in cadence … resume pace

Balls to the wall on retaining wall by the observation deck… held that for a bit while listening to MacGruber blabber about his balls hanging to the ground or some nonsense… 10 derkins oyo … resume pace

Gather above boathouse for a session of boat/canoe … resume pace

Partner up at base of steep climb to top of dam .. . partner carry to top, 10 burpees, run back to bottom, flap jack

Run back to parking lot for Mary

LBCs X20

WWII sit-ups X10

‘Merican hammers X20

Tour complete




Sign up for Mud Run — April 11

3rd anniversary F3 Raleigh — March 7 @ 6:45, with double down workout at 6 led by Howard (replica of 1st ever Q)

Prayer Requests

With snow imminent, prayers for weather across the board — moms in the house, those without proper shelter/clothes, travel

PRAISE —  Encroachment is now an ACC referee!  Be on the lookout for a questionable call this upcoming season… F3 provides a good venue for payback

YHC took the group out in prayer


Great work by all … always a privilege to lead!