In preparation for the evening’s game between unc and NC State, what better time to have a Wolfpack-themed workout – with 11 of your closest friends…in 20-something degree weather…in the snow? 11 PAX, including 2 FNGs, showed up willing if not able.

    The Warmup:

Run up, and yes it is up, to the top parking lot and circle up. What happened next:
SSH x 20
Forward lunges x 8 on each leg
Good Mornings x 15
One-legged merkins x 10 on each leg (the opposite leg in the air)
Stay down for a little plank-o-rama (this turned out to be the extent of Mary)

and thus began the W-O-L-F-P-A-C-K workout:

    The Thang:

Each letter in the word Wolfpack was assigned a numerical number equal to its position in the alphabet:

W (23) – Starting at 23, and counting down by 2, run between each of 3 islands in the parking lot where each island was assigned an exercise
Island 1 – mountain climbers
Island 2 – plank jacks
Island 3 – Peter Parkers

O (15) – Jog to the next parking lot, do 5 Lunge Steps and do 5 burpees (Repeat twice for a total of 15)

L (12) – Mosey to the upper soccer field, disguised as a frozen tundra. Starting at one end, karaoke the length of the field, do 12 Carolina (not the unc kind) Dry Docks. Karaoke back and do 12 more CDDs. YHC: “Hot Spot, gimme a 10 count.” Hot Spot: [blank stare] YHC: “count to 10.”

F (6) – Jog down to the playground. 6 pull-ups, 6 swing australian pull-ups, 6 derkins OYO. But wait, that is only 3 exercises. Do it again for a nice 6 exercises, 6 reps each.

P (16) – Mosey to the adjacent parking lot. At each of 4 islands, do 4 burpees for a total of 16. Run in between islands.

A (1) – 1 all-out sprint back to the other end of the parking lot

C (3) – Mosey to the basketball courts and pair up for some partner carries. 3 down and back partner carries across both courts. Squat hold until all pairs are done.

K (11) – What else but some 11s? Merkins on one sideline, star jumps on the other sideline two courts over.

Name-o-rama – Welcome two FNGs Cubby (a Cards fan) and Airbag (a Toyota employee)
Announcements: Convergence at Pullen on March 7th, Q school at Fletcher Park
Prayer requests: Unspoken. But I found out later that Goose’s son was in the hospital recovering from an infection.

Ma Bell took us out