Authored by Nelly:

Men, thanks to all that joined the gloom this morning for a venture that had to resort to parking garage work for protection from the ice on the roads. Since I don’t know how to get to the parking garage, it’s a good thing I could fake it by calling out the destination and as any good leader would do, take the rear position until we got there. I was thinking how awesome it was that some guys rucked before the workout and also that blackball road his bike in shorts there.

This was my virgin q.

Parking garage work:


30 side shuffle hops

30 prisoner squats

Arm circles, make them big, both directions

20 good mornings

20 mountain climbers

(I hope you all knew the right numbers, my cadence was in code that not too many people know)


The thang:

Let’s make use of the elevation…


Sprint up 3 desk levels, stop, 20 Merkins, 20 jump squats..

Sprint back down and plank it out until your q returns Bear crawl up one level, 20 Merkins at the top, 20 jump squats Lunge back down and plank it out Sprint back up 3 levels 20 Carolina dry docks and 25 ww2 Sprint back down and plank it out Bear crawl back up one level and first to arrive call the exercises Called 15 Merkins and 20 lbc’s Lunge back down Close out with. 50 jump squat sprint doing 10 at each new level up to the 3rd level and then back down Plank it out at bottom


Mary: pass off to Subprime

Long time, not sure how long, balls to the wall upside down. I thought I imagined that some people were doing upside down shoulder presses but then realized that it was actually being done. Some of the others realized that if they cracked even an inch at the their elbows that it would convert to face on asphalt.

On to 30 seconds of world war 2s on your own.

30 second increments of 45 degree angle heels in the air on back, then 30 seconds same thing but add arms in the air, then 30 seconds of the same but raise your head, then 30 seconds of the same but lower your head, then 30 seconds of the same but lower your arms, then 30 seconds of just legs at. 45 degrees again. Then drop your legs and recover. 30 more seconds of lbc’s.



Rucks are fun and there are some people, called wusses, that don’t do some part of the ruck that is really hard and easy to bypass. I can’t remember the name of that part. But it was pretty clear that only the weak skip it. I know that I won’t skip it in any of the rucks that I can’t attend. I definitely don’t want to be a wuss.



We have a lot to be thankful for. Life is good. God is good. Let’s live it good.