The Thang:

Zero to Sixty Cold Start (don’t let the engine warm up): 10 Mericans, 5 Burpees, 10 Mericans (off we go…)

Warm Up:  Jog to Tennis Courts; SSHs, Fazio Circles, Leg Swings, Imperial Walkers, Line Hops (forth and back) (side to side)

Jog into Heart of Darkness to Meet Colonel Kurtz

Bear Gorilla Bear:  Bear crawl up hill below football field; Gorilla run across football field, bear crawl up Hamburger Hill (followed with medley of planks, mericans, SSHs, single leg deadlifts, squats, etc.). X 4

Jog into Washington Street

Berlin Wall: Group 1: Sprint to just shy of the Sproles Stealth Truck; Group 2: Wall Dips X Max Reps (flapjack) X 4

Jog to Tennis Courts

Mary, Mary: LBCs, WWIIs, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, Low Plank Hold, Frederick Mercury



20 degrees at kick off this morning.  As we were mustering, three pedestrians flitted through at elephantine pace carrying bags.  This was not the connector route between the bus station and the train station–it was our own Angelo Pappas and two chili dogs (aka White Shoe and Chong Li and Johnny Utah).  White Shoe stuck around (after stripping down to shirt sleeves (science cannot explain the Pale Guns).  Chong Li and Utah had to go be Young and Professional Networkers.  Not sure how the crowd took Chong Li’s “How to Use Small Business as a CIA cover” speech.  #Notonpoint

Cold as all get out this morning. YHC threw a curveball with a cold engine start.  Au Pair played the role of the dilapidated diesel volvo and barked “We have to warm up…”  True. 

Explored the studio space a little in the street with the Berlin Wall.  May see that again.  Good for the gun show, me thinks.  TARP is investigating further and will have a ruling. 

Tclaps for the indominable William C. Maize–brings the flag every time.  Runs in the front every time.  With or without doc’s orders.

We were rudderless without Flops and the Buck Rodgers.  Early reports are Flops was instead rucking to Wilmington recruiting FNGs over the din of highway traffic on I-40.  Buck Rodgers promptly surrendered.

Welcome back to Mr. Fungo, who did not take up Cricket in India. 

Closing comment from our friend Minnie:  Winning Tradition of Excellence.  A to the Aye.  Write it down. 

That’s all.