Dateline: Williams Park.
12 PAX emerged from the gloom to get their week started right. 0.7 mile warm-up Indian Run to the apex of the Rangecrest mound to light the fire in the Crucible, so that the melting could commence.

The Thang:
Circle for 10 Sir Fazio Arm-Circles, 10 in reverse.
20 Imperial Walkers
10 Pirate Merkins each leg (one leg tucked behind the other; in lieu of the traditional “Down”, cadence was kept with an “Arrrrgh!”. Because pirate).
20 Mountain Climbers.

Teeter Totter:
Group 1 ran down the east side of the Rangecrest hill. Group 2 AMRAP’d Mercuries. Flapjack.
Group 1 ran down the west side of the Rangecrest hill. Group 2 AMRAP’d Prisoner Squats.
Group 1 moved on up to the east side of the Rangecrest hill. Group 2 AMRAP’d LBCs.
Group 1 told a west side story for the final rep. Group 2 AMRAP’d Boxcutter.

Plank it out to recover, and then fellowship run the 0.50 miles back to base.

Mosey to the pitch, for the Holy Trinity.

Break up into teams of three. Partners 1 & 2 move to the east side of the field, Partner 3 move to the west. Commencing exercise, Partner 2 ran across the field to tag Partner 3, who was minding his own business cranking out prisoner squats. Partner 1 looked on wistfully while doing Imperial Walkers. When Partner 2 returned, it was Partner 1’s turn to run. Cycled for two sets.

Mosey back to the point and place of beginning for Ave Maria.
20 WWIIs
20 Reverse LBCs
20 Fudd-to-Little-Mamas
20 LSFs

Announcements include a Forum at 12:00 today. Papercut offered an FNGs guide to this Third F event (cliffs: show up, people will be nice to you and you will learn something; low threat, high payout).

Prayers were offered for Mary Beth, F.O.PAX who is a young mother who is also about to beat colon cancer. Praise of thanks were issued for the latest addition to the Cinderella family.