The gloom offered a perfect environment for a beatdown; cool air, gentle breezes, and the smell of athletic clothing in desperate need of a washing.  17 gathered for a typical Heavy Metal workout with a few atypical pain stations.


Run half way around the park and complete warm up with SSH and IWs, while we wait for those who  are going to doubledown after GoRuck training to stow their gear and join the circle.  After a count-o-rama we had a not so quick jog through the park and explanation of the pain stations (next time I’ll make signs with directions – it’s not rocket science, but we aren’t a bunch of Morning Mensa Members either).  The idea…AMRAP until the person from the last station comes to replace you.

Station 1: Basketball court – Karaoke and Burpees or Tonga power swings with a maul.

Station 2: Sandbox Bench- Kettlebell Goblet Squats and Kettlebell step ups.

Station 3: Swingset- Decline and Incline Merkins on the swing.

Station 4: Bench Seats- Jump ups and Dips

Station 5: Pavilion- Pull and Merkins or Hanging Leg Raises and LBCs

Station 6: Backstop- Medicine Ball Toss

Station 7: Volleyball court- Jane Webbs

Station 8: Shovel Flag- bear crawl up the hill and run down the park to the basketball courts to replace PAX playing there.

YHC had hoped we’d make it through 2 rotations, but it took a while to explain each station and we had to recount.  We did make it through a complete rotation, and then finished off our time together with 3 minutes of Mary (Heals to Heaven and Cross Body Crunches).


A good morning with lots of 2nd F going on at the pain stations.  Perhaps a bit too much, I’ll need to raise the bar next time I’m offered the lead.  Lots of laughter ensued when Chong Li queries why the exercise is called Jane Webbs. “Your knees.” came out of YHC’s mouth before  he had a moment to think.  This elicited the expected result of a lot of laughter.  After regaining composure we got back to business.

Thanks to Money Hose for ducking out of GoRuck training early to open the equipment locker (his basement).

Great to see so many pax there.  It makes it challenging to the pax up to speed.  Alternatives are being considered to get the pain started at 0600.

Honor to be among this group of men.