The cool fog left a wet blanket over North Cary Park.  The VSF was planted with 3 PAX enduring some pain from CK.

Jog around the parking lot
SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x19
Good Mornings x18
Merkins x17
Windmills x16
LBC x15
6″ leg hold x14
Wide Arm Merkins x13

5 sets of:
40 yard jog
40 yard run backwards
Plank work

Jog to playground for:
5 pullups
20x step ups
5 pullups
20x dips
20x french dip
10 burpees
bear crawl/stair climb/slide combo

Jog to the parking lot for:
12x painting the lines
12x 3 walking lunges, 3 squats
12x 3 backward walking lunges, 1 squat

Jog to the field for final bits of Mary:
20x Froggy
20x Russian Hammers
20x High Slow Flutter

tclaps to Key West from bringing Rounding Error (a FNG and Neighbor)
tclaps to CK for not hurting himself
the bear crawl was thwarted by an evil plan from the morning fog, we substituted for the stairs
the fog continued to cause more trouble as we took the slide down.  The wet added to our speed and it was better than any Disney ride.