24 PAX arrived on a clear sunny morning to open the park to pain.

ssh x10
imperial walkers x10
Merkins x20
good mornings x15

Run up the stairs
30x walking lunges
Plank, 10 merkins, plank

Run to the large picnic shelter for:
20x dips
20x jump ups
10x french dip

Run to the upper parking lot for Chariot Races:
3x 60yd races w/partner

line up for synchronized walking lunges:
goal is 75 yards of walking lunges
5 burpee penalty (entire PAX) for anybody being out of line
15 burpees total

Run down to the ampitheatre for Mary:
10 merkins
Start with choo choo for 1 iteration
20x Froggies
20x High Slow Flutter
20x LBC
20x Russian Hammers
20x WWII situps
Planks, Burpees, up/down planks, burpees

run to Sproles Island for push-a-rama:
Start with some pullups
Standard Merkins x10
Wide Arm Merkins x10
Left Staggered Merkins x5
Right Staggered Merkins x5
Decline Merkins x10 (eachB)
Decline Merkins x7 (each)

run back to the ampitheatre for a stretch session
24 different stretches, 10 count each


tclaps to Chong Li for the big F3 Raleigh twitter push!
tclaps to Maize for continuing his pursuit of a low tech lifestyle
tclaps to Scratch for spilling Merlot
CK took up a new tone today- very military with penalties for excessive talking, and not following directions
Blame was laid out that CK scared away 2 PAX- it was only spilled Merlot
Caddie is leading up the F3 team for the June 8th Komen race for the cure 5k
time to HC for the GORUCK- training is in full swing
On my drive home I saw a truck from what should be my business: http://cksplumbing.com/