Spring has arrived with great weather for another workout at the Nutcracker.  And there was a little extra energy with Q*Bert as a 2.0 showing up all of the old men.

Warm Up:  Long jog around the school and track followed by warm up exercises of SSH x25, Hilly Billy x15, Fazio Arm Circles x10 forward x10 backward, Cotton Picker x15, and around the clock merkin (12, 9, 6, 3)

The PAX partnered up in groups of 3 for some cinder block laps starting at the cul-da-sac on the side of the school.  Partner 1 started the long walk around the school doing cinder block curls.  Partner 2 ran a brisk lap around the school.  Partner 3 stayed at the start and did WWIIs.  After the lap around the school, partner 2 switched places with partner 3.  Partner 3 then ran to meet up with partner 1 to switch places doing cinder block curls while walking.  Each partner kept switching places and alternating arm workouts from curls to shoulder presses to tricep extensions.  After the first lap, the PAX switched to running around the track instead of the school since it was taking too long.

For the next segment, the PAX went over to the playground for rounds of 10, 7, and 4 reps doing pull-ups, cinder block swings, and dips in the same groups of 3.  Each partner would switch stations after doing the pull-ups.

Mary: Freddy Mercury x25, Ukrainian Hammer x25

Prayer Request:  Speedy recovery for Midget