0538: After arrivingĀ at always beautiful Fletcher Park before another edition of F3 Raleigh’s original weekday workout, through the course of casual conversation, Floppy Disk shared with YHC how the Ball Bearings version of Ten Rounds with Tyson has started to be used more frequently at other venues, mainly due to its suck factor. This would later haunt 19 Pax.

0544: As the Pax gathered, tension slowly built as to who would lead this mighty crowd. Was it Floppy? Nope. Dieter? Nope. White Shoe? Negative.

0545: YHC volunteers to lead the workout in the absence of the assigned Q (more on that later). In a Ghostbusters moment, the worst thought in my head at that exact time became out workout. (Thanks Floppy.) Mr. Tyson, welcome back to Ball Bearings, and meet my friends.



Jog to upper parking lot for SSH x 20, IW’s x 20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles (actually led my Fazio #watchingalegend) x 16 & Reverse x 16, Mountain Climbers x 20. Mosey to lower field.

Ten Rounds with Tyson, Ball Bearings Style

Pax line-up along softball field fence, sprint across the field to the base of Hamburger Hill for 10 reps of an exercise, top of the hill for 10 more, House of Cats for 10 more, back to top of the hill for 10 more, bottom of the hill for 10 more, and back across the field to the starting line. 50 reps total. Times 10 exercises. That’s 500 reps for those scoring at home.

The line-up:

  • Standard Merkins
  • Prisoner Squats
  • LBC’s
  • Wide-grip Merkins
  • Lunges (substitute Jumping Lunges if you wish)
  • Dying Cockroach
  • CDD’s
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Hello Dolly
  • Burpees

With the distance covered, that’s all she wrote.


  • Strong work today men. There are two truths: (1) a Ball Bearings workout without a Q is still better than even the best Urban Jungle workout, and (2) it was a pleasure stepping in to lead today.
  • Bedlam ensued with trying to establish who was supposed to be the original Q. The court of public opinion convicted Costco, given precedent. Money Hose demanded an official investigation. White Shoe agreed, only noting that people should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Munson just shook his head in disgust. Mr. Hand was speechless. Floppy Disk was not.
  • It turns out that this all may have been the result of a simple scheduling error by management.
  • Plethora of races and events coming up – see Floppy for details.
  • Thanks to Floppy for leading the Pax in the Lord’s Prayer to take us out.