It only took 3 months but YHC finally decided it was time to Q The Blitz. After weeks of getting destroyed by Vila, Utah, Friar, and a plethora of other badasses, it was time to give it back. Concerned my own heavy mouth-breathing would get in the way of an effective Q, YHC pushed aside his doubts and decided to go for it. Pain ensued.

The Thang

SSH x25, Good Mornin’s x15, Imperial Walkers x20, Around the world x10 each direction, Goblet Squats x10, Egg beaters x10 each arm

Mosey down to the track steps.

Partner 1- 6 inch leg hold with bell 2-Climb the steps 3 stairs at a time, x20 curls, FJ

Partner 1-Squat hold with bell 2-Stair climb, x20 KB Swings, FJ

Partner 1-6 inch leg hold with bell 2-Stair climb, x20 Squat goblet squats (I think), FJ

Partner 1- Squat hold with bell 2- Stair climb, x20 overhead press, FJ

Mosey to the track. Partner 1 runs 50m, 100m suicide while Partner 2 AMRAPs a KB exercise. FJ until you’ve collectively reached the assigned number of reps.

50- KB swings

60- Curls

70-Squat to high pull

80- Bent over row

90- American Hammers

100- Standard Merkins

I probably mixed a few of those up. Oh well. I have found that kettle bell exercises often produces temporary memory loss during a workout. Anyways, we mosied back to home base to finish up with x20 flutter kicks with the bell overhead.

Continued prayers for Hush Puppy’s family, and Pink Slip’s son. Krispy Kreme challenge coming up, F3 3rd year anniversary convergence is March 7th at Pullen. Double down opportunity at Tir Na Nog later that day for the Kilt Run 8k. Talk to Shaggy for details. Azul prayed for us.

Strong work by the men this morning. My worry was it wouldn’t be hard enough but when YoYo told me at lunch that he was sore I figured I did something at least a little bit challenging. Good to have two new Blitzers (Azul and Master Builder) with us. Hope to see you guys again soon.

It was an honor to lead what I consider to be my toughest workout of the week. Something I often think about in F3 is the call to “bear one another’s burdens”. We support each other, hold each other accountable. As I reflected on this morning, that verse in Galatians came to mind. On the track we had to reach a repetition total with our partner. In my case, I know Bob Vila carried the weight of our team more so than I did. I came back from my sprint and asked him how many merkins he did to which he replied “55”. Dang. I only had to do 45. At that point I don’t know that I could’ve done 1 more than 45. I had to push myself to even get that. But one of the great things about F3 is that we make each other stronger. Physically, psychologically and spiritually. There’s my little rant. Thanks if made it through all that.

Nessman out.