Well Cary Built it. Then on a day that was supposed to be warmer than it was, 12 hearty pax came to Thomas Brooks baseball park. Putting into practice his just-in-time training, Nabisco rolled up With less than 30 seconds before “first pitch.” Here’s what happened next:

Run from the lower parking lot up and around the baseball fields to the big baseball at one of the entrances to the field complex and circled up. On the jog there, we noted a car pulling into the park. Ma Bell put that in his rolodex for just the right time.

Warmups included:
Merkins x 10 (4-count, just as Maize and Fazio taught us in Q School). This was a portend of things to come, bu the pax did not know that yet.
(The latecomer, Shut-In, ran up about this time, whereupon Ma Bell consulted the rolodex and dialed up 10 late penalty burpees. Shut-in learned a hard lesson.)
SSH x 25
Prisoner Squats x 15
Derkins x 8 (again, 4-count)

Recover on the jog that completed the path around the baseball field complex, putting us at the top of the lower parking lot. As if designed specifically for it, the parking lot has 4 roughly equidistant islands, perfect for 6 stops (out and back). And what has 6 stops? The Beast, of course. With a brief explanation, we proceeded to conquer the beast, which looked like this:
Run to each of 6 islands and do 6 exercises at each. Plank it out when done. Repeat 5 times for a total of 6 sets of 6 exercises at 6 stops. 6-6-6, the beast.
1st set: standard merkins
2nd set: right arm forward merkins (this is when the grumbling started from Callahan)
3rd set: carolina drydocks
4th set: left arm forward merkins
5th set: diamond merkins
6th set: burpees (Callahan’s grumbling reached a crescendo at this point)

With arms a dragging, it was time to pick some cherries. We picked for a 25 count, then put them in the basket for another 25 count. Lots of “whew” upon the recover announcement.

The pax seemed winded and I declared that what little wind there was cried “Mary.” T-claps to Easley who got the Hendrix (Jimmy, not motor sports) reference (which incidentally I declare at every post, whether I’m Qing or not.) Mary was:

LBCs x 20 (4-count)
Box Cutters x 15
Freddy Mercuries x 20
Dying Cockroaches x 15
Reverse LBCs x 15
Boat/Canoes x 10

Recover on the jog down the parking lot to the basketball courts for some more wind – as in wind sprints. Ma Bell’s doofus 2.0, Captain Hook tried to call foul that we were running after Mary. That did not help Ma Bell’s mood. We proceeded to line up and bang out 2 suicide sprints and then plopped into a people’s chair to “rest” our legs. Get parallel boys. After a lineup of 10 counts, a good burn began to settle in. We have to get rid of that lactic acid, right. Ma Bell consulted the rolodex of tricks and dialed up 3 length-of-the-court-and-back sprints, followed by 10 4-count merkins just to bring the workout to a symmetrical end.

Announcements: mud run, goruck, and a new Wednesday workout at Bond Park starting next week. Wonk has yet to name it.
Prayer requests: John, the father of a friend of one of the pax is undergoing heart surgery; Ana, the daughter of a friend of Ma Bell’s is having heart troubles and has been in and out of UNC hospitals
Ma Bell took us out.

As always, it was a great pleasure to lead a great group of men in lung-searing camaraderie.