Day 2 on YHC’s quest at 5 Qs in 5 days.  St. Patty’s day theme?  Nah, today is the first day of the NCAA tournament so YHC tried the Bracket theme.  Too many darn numbers not to screw it up a little though!  After some friendly catching up with the Pax of 15 and a disclaimer we set off.

First 4(Warm Up)- Run up to the back parking lot

16 X Side Straddle Hop———————–                           ——————-Imperial Walkers X11

16 X            Seal Jacks———————–                            ——————–Stand. Merkins   X 11

16 X Good Mornings————————–                               ———————— Durkins X 11

16 X          Windmills ————————-                               ————————- Irkins X 11

Field of 64- Jog over to one of the shelters- 64 X Left Right Step Ups

3rd Round- Jog up to the Tennis Courts for 32 X Inverted Mountain Climbers

Sweet 16- Grab a rock – 16 X Curls, 16 X Tricep Extensions Repeat 4 times

Elite 8- Jog over to big hill- 8 times Up with 8 Squats at the top and bottom

Final 4- Partner up Wheel Barrow up the stairs beside the carousel each partner up X 2

Final- 20 X Burpees

COT- Welcome FNG Pepe!!  In the spirit of F3 Pepe prepped prior to training, guess he didn’t get the memo that you don’t have to be in shape to join us in the muck, but none the less he rocked his first work out going full Gun Show in his Tank Top. Mud Run- Pay Pal somebody your money, get with Epoxy and he’ll let you know who to send it to, Go Ruck in October- $50 in advance training starts in May, Single Wide can help with the details on who to get $ to.  Prayer Requests- Yosef and Family in South Wake, People of Mozambique, Howard was supposed to be there now but they hare having an awful drought as well as an outbreak of Typhoid.  Prayers for Cold Stone.  Country Wide took us out with a mighty Prayer!

I’m truly blessed to lead you men.  Forge is an awesome sight and I need to get over here more often.  No doubt Pullen is the best sight to Q at!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Best of luck to your Teams in the Tournament!!