It was a festive morning at the Vortex. After the usual warm-ups and trip to the playground (where YHC is committed to getting in at least two big sets of pull-ups each workout), back to the field for St. Patrick’s Day fun.

We opened the festivities with leprechaun and saint relays. For the leprechaun, one PAX ran a pot of gold (cinderblock) the width of a soccer field and back while the other did high jumps (like a leprechaun). Then, since St. Patrick was a shepherd when enslaved (we think), one PAX ran a sheep (40-lb bag of dirt) the full length of the field and back (c. 240 yards) while the other did line work (pretending the line was a snake, after the familiar legend of St. Patrick ridding the island of snakes).

We took a mystical turn next, with three corners (since another legend says St. Patrick explained the Trinity by referring to a shamrock). PAX ran together to the first corner for 15 cadence-count double-merkin burpees; 15 cadence-count merkins at the next; with 15 cadence-count squats—holding a pot of gold or sheep—at the final corner. Repeat on a 10-count.

After a sprint in which land speed records may have been broken, we transitioned to Mary after drilling in some more Army PFT-style sit-ups. Great way to start the holiday! Lots of the Vortex crew seem to live within a few miles of one another and are really looking forward to the opening of the new site at Jordan HS next Friday (March 27).