Who Put This Guy in Charge?

After having Qed almost all of the Bandwidth and Max Bandwidth sessions since their inception, Dialtone foolishly handed the keys over to YHC.  The train didn’t come completely off the rails, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad.  This was my 31st post since starting F3 on June 3rd, and it has been an absolute joy to meet everyone and sweat, fellowship, and pray with you.  I chose some of the exercises as a tribute to a few of the most memorable ones from my first 30 posts.  I over-budgeted our time, so we had to save some of the tributes till next time…if there is a next time.
Warm Up
-15 Side Straddle Hops
-12 Windmills
-12 Moroccan Nightclubs
-20-count OYO stretching, focusing on lats
-quick jog around the parking lot to the playground
The Thang
-Partner up, splitting in half (a tribute to YHC’s post #1 at Weekend Crick with Mr. Slate (aka “Let’s do a Dora”))
               -30 pull-ups
               -60 inverted rows on the merry-go-round
               -90 squats
               while partner runs the parking lot circle
-Indian run to the Bedfordtown/Falls River traffic circle
               -Plank along the brick border wall
               -Decline plank along the brick border wall
               -20 Mike Tysons (a tribute to YHC’s post #8 at Boiler Room with Uggs)
-Indian run to the Greenway
-6 holes of burpee golf (a tribute to YHC’s post #2 at Agoge with Floppy Disk)
               -Run to the next “green”
               -Perform 5 burpees
               -Thanks to BNE and Dialtone for collecting the 2 unused “flags”
-Mosey back to the flag/parking lot
-20 one-legged Homer-to-Marge, each leg
Count-a-rama:  11 PAX
FNG:  Styx – Welcome to the gang!
Announcements:  The official launches of Bandwidth and Max Bandwidth will be Tuesday, 8/1, and Thursday, 8/3, respectively.  Invite your friends, and we’re hoping to get some special guest stars from other AOs to pay us a visit.
Good work!  It was an honor to lead you this morning.

QIC: Spit Valve
Workout Date: 07/20/17
The PAX: BiLo, BNE, Cheaper by the Dozen, Dialtone, Flintstone, Frosted Flake, Matlock, Mr. Slate, VHS, Spit Valve, FNG Styx


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