6 men for this week’s edition of Whiplash. Are 4 kegs better than 4+ miles? Debatable. Are kegs better than Whiplash? I think not. Small numbers today but was perfect for what YHC had planned. Whiplash calls for 1 hour of torture, as it is the hardest AO in my opinion, so here is what was served:

Mosey to parking lot adjacent to the lake:


Indian Run past the lake, around the dojo, down by the rock pile, left at crossroads and head to the base of the monster 440 bridge hill

The Thang:

Run to top of hill- 10 burpees
Run to bottom- 10 Ski Abs
Run to top of hill- 8 burpees
Run to bottom- 8 Ski Abs
Run to top of hill- 6 burpees
Run to bottom- 6 Ski Abs
Run to top of hill- 4 burpees
Run to bottom- 4 Ski Abs
Run to top of hill- 2 burpees
Run to bottom- 2 Ski Abs

Plankorama until everyone finishes.

Find a spot on the bridge railing at the bottom of hill.

10 Derkins
10 Freddies IC
8 Derkins
12 Freddies IC
6 Derkins
14 Freddies IC
4 Derkins
16 Freddies IC
2 Derkins
18 Freddies IC

Split up in 2 groups of 3

3 man Indian run down gravel path, up the long winding gravel path, hang a right when the gravel path ends, go behind dojo and stop when you get to the lake.

40 LBCs in cadence.

Partner up.

Partner chase around the lake until time is called. 7 Plank Jacks when you get chased down. We made it to 3 laps around the lake.

30 WW2s

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary/Cot


-10 burpees OYO

-20? Low Slow Flutters IC


-Vector Victor is hosting a trunk show at his house where proceeds go towards a non profit. Their will be ribs and actual keg beer for those who attend.

-Prayers for Encroachment’s friend as he is undergoing testing for ALS. Prayers that the testing will show that it is not ALS and prayers for his family.

-T-claps to Red Card/Michelob for leading the pack this morning. YHC tried to keep up with them on the hill set, but fell behind pretty quick. John Denver is a beast and is making some big strides. He’s only a month into F3, and I’ve got a feeling that he’ll be up in front very soon. Encroachment and Fava Bean look like they are BRR ready. We covered 4.5 miles this morning, and they were not easy miles. Thanks for the crew that showed up today. Always a pleasure to lead.