A crew of 9 pax rolled out of their cars into the Gloom for a weekly installment of #HiFidelity.  New to our running fun at Martin MS, Mr. Bigglesworth came out to #HiFidelity for his second post with F3.  Recruited by Flatline, little did he know what was in store.  And, neither did Flatline, as the #FS was in full effect.  Enough grief for our brother, we’ve all been there.  Sunshine roared into the parking lot on his non-emitting bike.  The group settled in and now, on to the Thang:

As warned in the pre-blast, headlamps are needed as we are going off campus.  Down Horton Hill, left on the Greenway, and gather at the base of The Copperhead hill for a quick warm-up circle – Good Mornings and Imperial Walkers in cadence.

30 minutes – repeats on The Copperhead, AMRAP.  GO.  The Copperhead is 2/10 mi at 8% grade.  about 1:30 up, and 2:00 back down.  Most of the Pax got in 7x and change.  CK almost hit 8x.

After gathering at the base of the hill, we moseyed back to the base of Horton Hill for one more push to the end.  ANother 1/4 mile of extreme climbing.  And, we are done.

Circle of Stretches, COT, Close in a Prayer.

Look for Yasso 800s next week – with some Extra Credit too…