Many of you have heard me speak about Howard at various workouts when asking for prayers for Chad(Howard) and Cindy’s up and coming Mission Trip to Kenya.  Well here goes again…  YHC has been privileged to spend the better part of the last 10 month’s early mornings with Howard.  When YHC first met Howard he thought how/why is this old guy out here every day rain, cold, fog, sleet, ect, busting his tail?  The answer is Faith.  Howard is the Paragon of Faith.  His mentality is if I’m there someone else will be there and so he goes off in the Muck giving 120% all the time.  YHC was a Sad Fat Clown in December when I started and the #1 reason F3 connected for me was Howard.  I  couldn’t lay there Fart Sacking knowing that Howard might be there on the Tennis Courts in Fuquay by himself.   So off I went to join him.  Many days just him beating the crap out of me.  His persistence has enabled growth in every area he’s touched.  At FV we now average 10+ at nearly every work out.

I’m sure many of you have a similar story with Howard being the real reason F3 is in the greater Raleigh Area today.  Howard quietly leads by example, but when he gets a chance to share God’s word he delivers it with Passion, Love, and Conviction.  It all comes back to Faith with Howard.  YHC could write a book on this guy and we rarely have any time to have a conversation of any length.  Yet still I feel like I’ve known him for 20 years.

If you missed the 3rd F Event last month in Raleigh you really missed out.  YHC can’t begin to do Howard justice here…  Howard gave his testimonial as to why he’s taken on his newest challenge in Missions.  Howard a Pastor of 20+ years has given his life to preaching the Word of God.  His wife Cindy has also spent much of her time preaching.  In the Fall Howard felt God calling him to try something new.  After much thought,  Prayer and trials Chad and Cindy heard the call to join a Missions Organization “Global Training Network” that trains Pastors around the world.  In 3rd World Countries the Minister for a Church is often the person who owns a Bible and can read.  It’s rare they have any formal training at all.  Next week Chad and Cindy will depart for Kenya on the first leg of their mission, to train Ministers.  First I ask for the obvious, Pray for Chad and Cindy, ask your Sunday Schools to Pray for them, they will need prayer!!  This morning Howard told me there’s a deadly virus(not Ebola) that’s been spreading in Uganda which boarders Kenya close to where Howard will be.  It’s imperative that we Pray for Chad and Cindy!!!

Lastly, I ask you to consider donating.  The cost for these missions is significant.  If you think about the time Howard has invested into F3 and helping it to be what it is, we owe it to this man to enable this journey.  If you haven’t been personally touched by Howard please know that so many have and believe me he’s had an impact on your life without you even knowing it.  Howard is what F3 is all about Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.  There’s no better example of all of these qualities in any of the PAX that show up and train every morning.  Please contribute to this amazing cause and this amazing person!!

See You in the Gloom!!