Well, YHQ started the AM by snoozing past his multiple alarms.  Thanks Adolphus for covering the SSH/dance-off intro.

Warmups: SSH, BWS, Willie Mays Hayes, Merkins, Mtn Climbers.

The Thang: warm-up run to the ‘Village.  Find your favorite brick ledge.  Get comfortable.
Dips (x12); Box Jumps (x12), Derkins (x12) – Repeato x three-o… decrease rep count by one.
Box Jumps (x20) for mumble-smart mouthing + Derkins (x10).  Move out.

Find bottom of BFH.  Turnaround.  Traveling burpees back up the BFH.  Lost count of burpees.
Recovery run back to playground. Buddy-up for pull-ups. 4 rounds of 10 per buddy.

Mary: Long, slow flutter; Heels to heaven; Russian hammer; Merkins (there’s core in Merkins); Adolphus stretch (cobra position with Adolphus’ mumble chatter); Merkins to finish.

COT:  Oct. 25th = The Mule in Raleigh.  Nov. 1st = F3 Chapel Hill Pig Pickin’.