The shovel flag was planted as the PAX of 29  were greeted by a quad Q format with all of the fanfare that “The Decision” brought to “The Association” (Kevin Frasier, we’ll never forget where you came from my friend). Not 1, not 2, not 3…..  A few regulars from the OTB Saturday site brought their talents to Pullen Park for an exhibition beat down. I’d say Flo-Rida was in my head, but I don’t know any of the tunes…..we’ll have to ask the Reverend next time he stops through at Heavy Metal. The artist in my head this morning is the Stones, many will say Exile is their best work but I’m sorry friends it’s Sticky Fingers hands down. You can feel it…..”I’m feeling so tired, can’t understand it. Just had a fortnights sleep I’m feeling so tired, Ow!…” While Au Pair is still shopping for a new murse at Campo de’Fiori, the order of business went on. The Q on the fly takes form as the Mystery Machine rolls out…..

The Mule is October 5th and just one more reminder, there’s no Catalyst on September 21st….. Come on man, get on with it!!!

The Thang: Maize starts off as the Q

Jog plus Robert Plants x 3

Warm Up: Mountain Climbers x 20, Star Jumps x 20, Happy Jacks x 20

The System: 3 Groups split up on the hill near Aquatic Center. 1 group runs the hill while other 2 perform AMRAP Burpees, running group tags out another…and so on and so on

Push-A-Rama: Merkins x 20, Right Arm Stagger x 10, Left Arm Stagger x 10, Diamond Merkins x 10

Costco Takes the Q

Tennis Anyone: Split in 2 teams,  group 1 performs Balls to the Wall while the other runs 3 court suicides. Round 2 group 1 performs people’s chair

Jacob’s Ladder to 5 decending with merkins at the top. Group 1 runs while Group 2 waits in plank hold. Tag each other in and out

Shaggy Takes the Q

Stone Work: Grab a rock. Chopping Wood to the Left x 20, Chopping Wood to the Right x 20, Curls x 20

Run to Goose Island: 3 groups rotate through 3 stations. 1) Max Pull-ups 2) Mountain Climbers 3) Jumping Lunges. 2 full rotations

Box Jump Takes the Q

Run to shelter: Dips x 20, 30 second jump-ups, 30 second squat hold, Dips x 20, 30 second jump-ups, 30 second squat hold

Run to home base

Mary: WW2 Sit Ups x 25, Russian Hammers x 25, Gitmo Leg Throw Circle and that is all….


Quote of the day: “Courage is the human virtue that counts most–courage to act on limited knowledge and insufficient evidence. That’s all any of us have.” – Robert Frost

Naked Moleskin:

-T-claps to Costco, Shaggy & Box Jump brought the lumber to the yard big time this morning, very nice maiden Qs for the latter two. Was a little quieter than usual without the likes of @tomneal , @f3utah , @cambdenbetz , @geoff_smith or @f3whiteshoe but we had @shermanlee to fill the air. Hope the boys are having fun at the Nasty, not sure exactly where they went but know it involves going up and down a mountain carrying things that are heavy. We miss ya, come back safe with good stories and show off the new patch next week.

-Oh my goodness there was some coming and going today among the PAX, drop/add throughout the hour. Really great collection of the old and new with a nice crowd at Cup-A-Joes afterward, but where’s our F3 sticker on the window?!?

-Yes that was a terrible call at the NC State – Clemson game Thursday night, there’s no doubt about it. I thought ACC fans imbelished their plight with inferior officiating, I stand corrected.

-Third F coming in Raleigh, look for an announcement with a November date to start the conversation. See Fazio with questions. #all3fs

-Prayers to the families coping with change in Colorado and mourning loss from the Naval Yard shooting. Prayers for Bulls Eye along with Roland’s brother from concussions suffered this week plus the growing PAX healing injuries.

-T-claps to Yo-Yo for smoking my legs to a crisp this week at Hi-Fi and at the unofficial early morning scout expedition (still get credit for #f3counts yesterday…see White Shoe for policy ruling) #nomas #timetorest

-Final thought (Springer inspired of course, former guilty pleasure): We aim to invigorate leadership throug the creation of opportunity. A friendly reminder that before we lead we served as followers, a significant if not a more important role. We all need leaders around us, but without followers we’d just have nuts dancing. Enjoy…