12 PAX (1 FNG) came ready for their weekly beatdown…

Yog, SSH, IW, merkins, mountain climbers

The Escalator: 1 exercise (15 reps), run 1 minute, repeat first exercise (10 reps), add another (15 reps), run 1 minute, repeat first 2 exercises (10 reps each), add another (15 reps), run 1 minute …. 10 exercises

Side Shuffle Hops
Peter Parkers
Low Plank Jacks
Freddie Mercuries
Air Squats
Jump Lunges
Carolina Dry Docks

There were trivia/penalties throughout the way – PAX ended up doing an additional 40 burpees for incorrect responses

Yog back to the start for Mary
RING OF FIRE: alternate high plank and bows/toes plank around the circle q3 PAX


* Welcome to Bucky (Ross, FNG) – strong work today – barely looked winded… must be nice to be 23…
* Inserting trivia into a workout with penalties makes PAX unhappy… reminder to all Qs
* Get Ready for The Mule – 10/5… Riggs and YHC will be manning the NC State Belltower stop… should be a blast.