Seven Pax took on the morning drizzle out at Centennial and kicked off Friday right by enduring some pain.  Great work guys.

Warm-up:  SSH (30x), Mountain Climbers (25x), Windmills (10x), Good Mornings (10x)

The Thang:

Jog to the rock pile and grab two equal-sized rocks:

Lateral Raises (15x); Alternating Bicep Curls (25x); Lateral Raises (15x); Alternating Bicep Curls (25x); Forward Raises (15x); Squatting Bicep Curls (20x, each arm).

Jog down street and onto trail.  Stop for Merkins (35x).

Continue jog and stop at insanely steep hill behind lake (steeper than the usual Centennial Jack Webb hill):

Incline Merkins (15x); High, Slow Flutters (15x); Decline Merikins (15x); High, Slow Flutters (15x).

Lunge walk up insanely steep hill; bear crawl down insanely steep hill.

Jog to the soccer field.  One sprint, giving it 100%, goal line to goal line.

Continue jog (heading towards home base) and break for a lunge walk, tree to tree.

Continue jog to handicap rail.  Pullups (15x) and Dips (15x).  Finish jog back to home base.

Quick Mary: Russian Hammers (30x), LBCs (20x).




Mule on October 5, starting at 6 am at Pullen Park.