15 PAX gathered for a no-mosey WO; no FNGs so minimal disclaimers and we were off.  YHC emphasized that this would be a NO MOSEY workout and we had a chant to that effect later…

1 lap around parking lot then circle up by trailer

Warmup: 20 SSHs, 20 IWs, 20 WMs, 10 SFACs, 10 Seal Claps, 10 Reverse SFACs, 20 MCs, 20 Peter Parkers

Chain Link:  All PAX start in plank and follow the leader (YHC) one at a time with a 5 count b/t following

PTL with star jump at each tip, 10 burpees, 20 Air Squats, PTL with star jump each tip, 20 merkins, 20 LR stepups boxer style, 20 urkins, 20 dips, 20 durkins, then repeat stepups, urkins, dips, durkins

Trickle Down:  new exercise between the fences; all PAX start in BTW with one PAX running to opposite fence for 5 MHs then back, then next PAX doing the same thing until all PAX have gone.  PAX not running rotated between BTW, People’s Chair, Plankjacks and Air Squats

Rock Work:  20 curls, 20 squat press, 20 TC ext, 20 bent over rows then 15 of each

Mary: No time today

Announcements: F3 Man Camp 11/3,  YHC took us out in prayer.