The public transit route has started its daily run to downtown Raleigh from Kenny’s Grave. I don’t know if it was the awful smell of diesel in the air or the lack of oxygen from the beat down, but there was a major misstep on the Q that needed to be paid for (see below). Let the downpainment begin…



Jog around the track (about 1/3 mile) and drop cones for 5 stations…

SSH x20

Merkins x10

Imperial Walkers x20



Sprint around the track completing a chosen exercise x10 (once all PAX are there, so fast PAX need to do more exercises) at 5 stations (Chill Cut Plank x20 after each complete lap)

1st Round – Merkins

2nd Round – Jumping Lunge

3rd Round – Dry Docks

4th Round – Squat Jumps

5th Round – Reverse Merkins (audible to Diamond Merkins)

Well…It was dark, we were getting a beat down and the smell of diesel fuel was in the air…so apparently we realized we missed station number 4 on each round. SOLUTION…run the lap one more time completing the missing 10 reps of each exercise at each station. That will teach us to try and cheat 🙂

To the dugout for…

People’s Chair

Balls to the Wall

Inverted Mountain Climbers

MARY (Go Round)

Each PAX calls out an ab exercise to complete for a 20 count…



Prayers for Imp and his family with the addition of his new son. Also, Tardy’s brother-in-law who is being deployed today along with the rest of the troops.