In 2015, we are going to the next level in F3.  The Quickhatch kicked off the revised format for 2015.  This year the Quickhatch will be a ruck type welcome party for The Crick.  Show up at 6:15 for backpack wearing, log carrying way to start your Saturday!  This presents a double chance for those needing a reason to get of the fart sack on a Saturday morning.

The Thang:

– Rucks on

– Mosey to far side of the soccer fields.

– Circle-up

– SSH x 20

– Good Mornings x 15

– Carolina Drydocks x 10

– Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10

– Imperial walkers x 15

– Mericans x 20

– Air Squats x 20

– Mosey to the Big Bad Wolf (BBW).

– Load up BBW head to play ground

– Pull-ups x 5

– Irkens x 10

– Repeato 3 times

– BBW move to the grassy knoll

– Bear crawl up run down x 2

– Gorrilla hop up run down x 2

– BBW to wall

– Chestorama, Ircans x 10, mericans x 10, dercans x 10

– BBW to corner

– Log PT

– Curls x 20

– Log overhead x 10 counts x 4

– Curls x 20

– Log overhead x 10 counts x 4

– Curls x 20

– Log Overhead x 10 Counts x 4

– Take BBW back to the den

– Mosey to playground

– LBC’s x 20

– Merican Hammers x 20

Welcome to  The Crick.


Taking a double down approach raises the bar.  The PAX felt this one and all rolled into The Crick ready to go!  If some one needs an early morning post, the Quickhatch can fit the bill.  We have extra rucks, and you can always carry a sand bag if you want instead of a ruck.

TClaps to the PAX that Post for this week in and week out.

That is all.