It was cold. It was raining. No one wanted to get out of their cars. But one by one, men started to show up to support me in my first Q. Thanks guys.

I watched a bunch of counting videos and then counted. It must have worked because men were counting back. We did …

SSH – 20

Imperial Walkers – 20

Good Mornings – 20

Squats –

Then we mozy’d over to the Library were we found these little walls. And we used them for …

Step-Ups – 45 seconds

Dips – 20

Half Burpees – 20


The step up’s turned out to be a little dangerous for us because of this train light staring us in the eyes. One man yelled, “Avoid the light!” We did, and then we ran over to the patio in front of the chapel. Each man planked while one man ran a quick sprint through the quad and back. While we planked, we lifted some limbs.

Next we ran over to a building with a covered patio. Some PAX alleged Q was trying to get them out of the rain. I was. It was cold. We did a Route 66 pyramid thing. 11 merkins, 11 arm raises, 10 merkins, 10 arm raises, etc.

So since everyone’s arms were tired, we found a wall and did …

People’s chair – 20

BTTW – 20


Then we ran back to the runway in front of the chapel where we held a little competition. Men raced two by two and Q followed behind. Deon Sanders showed up to run against Usain Bolt. Muscle fibers were shed. One man was left standing. His name was Bi-Lo. Congratulate him if you see him, but don’t race him. He is fast.

We were cold again so Q took us to another covered patio where we did …

LBCs – 40

Peter Parkers – 20

6″ leg hold – 60 seconds

Planks – leg lifts

Freddy Mercury’s – 40

Then we ran back to the imaginary shovel flag.

Did the name o rama. Prayed and heard praises. Q challenged everyone to do one thing for their wives this week – dinner, clean, love note, date, gift, or something . . . have to post it to Twitter. Some tweets have gone out. We’re becoming better husbands.

Love you guys and thanks for letting me lead. Now I know how hard you work putting all this together! I’m grateful.