Six Pax (a six pack?) posted for the second Hi Fi of 2015. The order of the day from Enron was hills, and so to the greenway we went.

Warm-up jog to the base of the Copperhead for SSH x 20, good mornings x 10, and windmills x 10.

First trip up Copperhead and round up for the trip across the Beltline and into the Art Museum gloom. Round up at the first bridge at the base of the hill and then it’s time for an uphill to the Blue Loop intersection and back. It was so good we did it again. And again. Squat hold after each while we rounded up.

Next it was back up to the Beltline bridge. Sprint across, round up and then down Copperhead. Once we got there, YHC noted that there was plenty of time for another trip up and back.

Mosey back to Horton and then a full tilt rush up the hill to the parking lot. We finished with a quick plank-o-rama.

Low mumblechatter this morning without Myrtle and Au Pair. Just a quick but dedicated group taking on the west Raleigh hills.

No announcements, no prayer requests.

Layover prayed us out.

We were joined by Kumquat from points west this morning at his second Hi Fi post. He was at the front of the Raleigh crew. Strong work, come back any time.

Mr. Hand casually mentioned that he ran 13 miles on Sunday. YHC may have run to the fridge during commercials in the game, but that was about it. Hand is planning on the City of Oaks marathon. Join him.